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Negara asosiasi adalah mitra kecil dalam sebuah hubungan formal dan bebas antar sebuah kawasan politik dengan entitas setingkat negara dan (bisanya secara garis besar) bangsa, dimana tidak ada istilah spesifik lainnya, seperti protektorat, yang diadopsi. Detail dari asosiasi bebas semacam itu terkandung dalam resolusi Majelis Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa 1541 (XV) Prinsip VI,[1] Compact of Free Association atau Associated Statehood Act dan penjelasan spesifik dari negara-negara yang terlibat. Dalam kasus Kepulauan Cook dan Niue, detail aransemen asosiasi bebas mereka terkandung dalam beberapa dokumen, seperti konstitusi mereka masing-masing, Exchange of Letters 1983 antara pemerintah Selandia Baru dan Kepulauan Cook, dan Joint Centenary Declaration 2001. Negara-negara asosiasi bebas dapat disebut independen atau tidak, tetapi asosiasi bebas bukanlah kualifikasi dari kenegaraan atau status dari sebuah entitas sebagai subyek dari hukum internasional.

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  1. ^ Lihat: Majelis Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa menyepakati resolusi 1541 (XV) Diarsipkan 2012-01-21 di Wayback Machine. (halaman: 509–510) yang mendefinisikan asosiasi bebas dengan sebuah negara independen, berintergrasi dalam sebuah negara independen atau merdeka

negara jin lagu kebangsaan negara jepang negara persemakmuran belanda negara pecahan jerman negara negara di afrika utara negara di benua amerika latin bahasa spanyol digunakan oleh negara negara di amerika dengan indeks pembangunan manusia (ipm )sangat tinggi profil negara kamboja stimik tunas bangsa banjarnegara negara di dekat teluk benggala singonegaran negara dekat teluk benggala indonesia timur negara apa negara di benua amerika tengah smk kusuma negara mojoagung negara di eropa selatan ju…

negara negara pasifik bahasa negara myanmar negara yang berada di benua afrika bagian utara negara-negara di kawasan amerika utara badan kepegawaian negara (bkn) berada di bawah koordinasi badan intelijen negara negara yang ada di amerika utara dhana kusumadinegara direktur badan intelijen negara amerika utara terdiri atas negara ketua badan intelijen negara negara negara di amerika tengah negara2 amerika utara lambang negara samoa fahmi tarumanegara negara negara yang termasuk dalam benua asia dan australia ada…

negara bagian australia selatan pulau yang berada di timur negara mozambik benua afrika adalah negara di kawasan eropa selatan bahwa masyarakat dan penguasa negara merupakan satu kesatuan utuh yang didukung oleh rasa kekeluargaan serta kebersamaan. teori tersebut dikenal dengan istilah teori integralistik yang dikemukakan oleh ... eropa selatan negara negara negara di bagian indonesia timur negara di amerika bagian selatan negara di indonesia timur salah satu nama kantor di negara amerika serikat adalah daftar negara dengan penduduk terbanyak nama negara bagian amerika serikat kelurahan semarang banjarnegara lambang negara pa…



Converting to Linux from Mac or Windows is rarely as painful an experience as many expect. That said, the sheer number of options available in Linux can be overwhelming for new users. And this is especially true when choosing your first Linux distribution (aka distro).

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Linux-based operating systems available. Each has its own quirks, features and use cases. And not all of them are easy to understand for beginners. Choose the wrong one, and you may become frustrated with the resulting experience.

Chances are, you'll want to start with a Debian- or Ubuntu-based distribution (which are also Debian-based). However, you are still confused about choosing a distribution.

With that in mind, here are five Linux distros that are easy to install, simple to use, and have fantastic hardware support.

1.Linux Lite

The easiest Linux distro to use Offers a Windows like experience
Great on old hardware
There are many beginner-friendly and windows-like Linux distributions. But Linux Lite is probably the only one actively promoted and developed into a gateway distro. And in this case, it does a fantastic job.

The abundance of documentation alone makes it impossible to get lost using this system. But Lite also has some unique software that makes life easier. And the Xfce desktop environment means every Windows user will feel right at home.

Linux Lite is also one of the lightest distros, making it a good choice for older hardware. However it comes bundled with every program you might need on your computer. As a result, it's the perfect choice for Windows users with hardware that doesn't support recent updates but still want a Windows-like experience.

2.Linux Mint

Great package manager. Multiple desktop environments to choose from Arguably it features several improvements over Ubuntu Linux Mint is another Ubuntu-based distro which is easy to use out of the box. But it's also one of the leanest and fastest distros available, offering a quality software manager, tons of pre-packaged tools, and a large, helpful user base that grows every day.

Linux Mint comes in three flavors: Cinnamon, Xfce and Mate. While this may seem confusing, it only refers to the desktop environment included with Linux Mint. In general, you'll want to get Cinnamon if you have a newer computer and Xfce if your hardware is older. But feel free to try each one out and see what works for you.


Various preinstalled tools
The most popular Linux distro in the world
Quality support offered
We've talked about two Ubuntu-based distros. So now we have to move on and talk about Ubuntu itself.

Ubuntu started life as a Debian-based distro but is now a different beast. It is also the most popular Linux distro in the world. And this is thanks to the simple experience that Ubuntu offers.

Ubuntu isn't quite as "Windows-like" as other distros. But still easy to use and suitable for beginners who switch from any OS.

As we have seen, there are many variants of Ubuntu, and almost all active distros based on Ubuntu are easy to use. So if you like the look of Ubuntu, but are looking for something a little different, pay attention to the variations, such as Kubuntu and Lubuntu.

4. OS pepermint

Can set web application as desktop application
Perfect for old hardware
Peppermint OS was originally designed as a web application focused operating system. Admittedly, it's not too dissimilar to Chromium OS. And it still features the interesting ability to set web apps as local apps on your desktop.

But since its initial release, Peppermint OS has undergone several changes. And today, this Debian-based distro offers a quality experience and is minimalistic yet easy to use. As a result, it's an excellent choice for those who want a high level of customization of their OS without sacrificing ease of use.

5. Elementary OS

Probably the best choice for mac users
No pre-installed bloat
Great user experience
We've talked about some window-like distros here. But what if you're moving to Linux from a Mac? In this case, Elementary OS will likely be the best choice.

With its built-in Pantheon desktop environment and "application center", its resemblance to macOS is obvious from the first time you boot into Elementary OS. However, this distro is far from being a mere mac clone. Instead, it offers a great user experience designed to be non-intrusive so users can focus on their work.

Elementary also takes a minimalistic approach when it comes to preinstalled software. But using the app center is so easy that getting additional programs won't be difficult.


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