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Wish I'd Kept a Scrapbook: A Tribute to Tullycraft

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: A Tribute to Tullycraft
Compilation album
GenreIndie pop

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: A Tribute to Tullycraft is a 2010 tribute album to the pioneering indiepop / twee band Tullycraft. The album, released on Unchikun Records, features cover versions of songs written by Tullycraft, performed by a number of artists including: Math and Physics Club, the Smittens, Bunnygrunt, Hot Lava, Darren Hanlon & Rose Melberg. The album was compiled by Lee Grutman from the band LA Tool & Die and was a labor of love for all of the bands involved.

Track listing

No.TitleCover artistLength
1."Pink Lemonade"Hot Lava1:48
2."Not Quite Burning Bridges"Bunnygrunt3:09
4."Our Days In Kansas"The Besties2:41
5."Every Little Thing"The Medusa Snare2:53
6."Wild Bikini"Hotpance Romance2:30
7."Sweet"The Smittens3:04
8."Superboy & Supergirl"Math and Physics Club3:33
9."If You Take Away the Make Up Then the Vampires They Will Die"LA Tool & Die1:36
10."Rumble With The Gang Debs"Fishboy3:42
11."Look How We Killed The Riot Grrrls"Folklore2:43
12."Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About"Galactic Heroes2:39
13."Skyway"Gold Bears1:48
14."DIY Queen"Master Track3:28
15."Godspeed"The Awesomelies1:46
16."The Punks Are Writing Love Songs"Moustache of Insanity4:04
17."The Last Song"Poison Control Center3:17
18."Who Needs What"Casper & the Cookies5:09
19."Our Days In Kansas"Darren Hanlon & Rose Melberg3:01
20."Fall 4 U"The Special Places3:34
21."Wish I’d Kept a Scrapbook"Sprites3:47

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