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Somali Faces

Somali Faces
Type of site
OwnerMohammed Ibrahim Shire
LaunchedJanuary 1, 2016; 8 years ago (2016-01-01)
Current statusOnline

Somali Faces is a non-profit organization[1] that shares day to day stories of ordinary Somali people from around the world. It was founded by Mohammed Ibrahim Shire, a Somali storyteller, author and academician.


Somali diaspora

Mohammed started the Somali Faces platform in January 2016. They have traveled across Europe and the Americas by initially focusing on Somalis living in the Diaspora. They proceeded in efforts to narrate the Diaspora experience in the face of perpetual stereotypes of Somalis in the media.

Somalis in Somalia

Following this, they have started touring the Horn of Africa visiting many remote villages and towns in Somalia and Somaliland to capture the human stories.


In January 2017, following the gang rape of two Somali girls in Galdogob, Somalia, and the subsequent release of the video footage, Somali Faces raised emergency funds online to resettle the two families.[2]



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