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Snafu (magazine)

Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateNovember 1955 โ€“ March 1956
No. of issues3
Main character(s)Irving Forbush

Snafu is a short-lived satirical comic book published by Marvel Comics in the mid-1950s.[1][2] One notable contribution of Snafu is that it introduced the character Irving Forbush, the alter ego of Forbush Man (created by Stan Lee).[3] Snafu was an attempt to duplicate the success of Mad magazine, which had much greater success and longevity.[4]

The only three volumes of Snafu were published in November 1955, January 1956 and March 1956, respectively.[2][5]

Personnel who worked on Snafu included Stan Lee (the primary writer)[5] and artists John Severin, Bill Everett and Joe Maneely.[2]

Ten years later, when Stan Lee wrote promotional text for the new Marvel Comics line, he started dropping the name Irving Forbush as an in-joke. In 1967, Forbush was embodied in Not Brand Echh as Forbush-Man.[6]


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