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Backstreet Project

Backstreet Project
Publication information
PublisherStan Lee Media
Publication dateAugust 27, 2000
No. of issues1
Main character(s)Cyber Crusaders (Backstreet Boys)
Creative team
Written byNick Carter, Stan Lee, Bryce Zabel, Steve Gerber, Jim Salicrup
Artist(s)Nick Carter, Ruben Martinez
Penciller(s)Ruben Martinez
Inker(s)Scott Koblish, Andy Pearlman, Batt, Sean Parsons, Jessee Delperdong
Letterer(s)Fishbrain, Bongotone
Colorist(s)Fishbrain, Bongotone

Backstreet Project is an American comic book created by Nick Carter and Stan Lee. The comic features members of Carter's band the Backstreet Boys as themselves as well as a team of superheroes called "Cyber Crusaders". The book was available for purchase at their concerts and online stores in 2000–2001.

Publication history

Nick Carter, who was a comic fan, made an original concept of the comic planned as a six-issue series. In February 2000, he met Stan Lee through his manager from The Firm. Carter told him about his concept, and Lee was interested. However, they ultimately decided to make it into only one issue.[1]


It begins when the Backstreet Boys are in the midst of one of their concerts. As they are performing on stage, a spaceship crashes near the stadium. The members rush into the woods to the crash site and there they find an alien who was on the ship. The alien gives each of them an enchanted amulet embedded with mystic crystals and they learn that she is on a mission of protecting Earth from an alien invasion that would happen soon. When they wear the amulets their DNA gets twisted by a virtual genetic cyclone that gives each of them astonishing super powers.[2] The superhero form of the Backstreet Boys are called Cyber Crusaders.


Backstreet Boys/Cyber Crusaders
Name Alter ego Abilities and Superpowers
Ninja Man Nick Carter Martial arts expert of any kind. Equipped with swords that can cut everything.
Illusioneer Howie Dorough Project three-dimensional illusions and mental telepathy.
Ordnance AJ McLean Excellent marksmanship with any weapon. Equipped with laser guns.
Top Speed Brian Littrell Able to generate spheres of energy and jump great heights, for example from buildings to buildings.
Power Lord Kevin Richardson Super strength. Can lift a harrier jet.
Name Superpower
Zanell Psychokinesis
Zator Psychokinesis

Other media

Burger King made action figures based on this comic book characters, they were sold in 2000[3] with the purchase of Burger King Big Kids Meal and Kids Meal. The Backstreet Boys and their cartoon characters also appeared in three Burger King TV commercials.[4]

A series of flash-based webisodes were released in 2000.[5] None of the characters were voiced by members of Backstreet Boys themselves. While twenty-two episodes were planned,[6] only seven were released prior to the collapse of Stan Lee Media:

  1. Larger Than Life
  2. Dead Heat
  3. Wild Ride
  4. Winner Takes All
  5. Freefall
  6. Zanell's Choice
  7. The Camera Hates You


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