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Summary result of "Liyodu, Bongomeme, Gorontalo": upacara adat gorontalo Limboto, Gorontalo Kota Gorontalo Daftar stasiun televisi di Gorontalo rs di gorontalo Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Kota Gorontalo Gorontalo Daftar rumah sakit di Gorontalo rumah sakit di gorontalo pilgub gorontalo 2024 stikes baktara gorontalo daftar nama dosen universitas ichsan gorontalo Daftar kecamatan dan kelurahan di Gorontalo nama nama kota di gorontalo Adat istiadat Gorontalo falsafah adat masyarakat gorontalo kecamatan di kabupaten gorontalo gunung tertinggi di gorontalo Daftar kabupaten dan kota di Gorontalo universitas nahdlatul ulama gorontalo Kabupaten Go…

rontalo Utara bahasa gorontalo dan terjemahannya Bahasa Gorontalo Pilolalenga, Dungaliyo, Gorontalo universitas negeri gorontalo kabupaten di gorontalo kota di gorontalo

upacara adat gorontaloLimboto, Gorontalo
Kota GorontaloDaftar stasiun televisi di Gorontalo
rs di gorontaloDewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Kota Gorontalo
GorontaloDaftar rumah sakit di Gorontalo
rumah sakit di gorontalopilgub gorontalo 2024
stikes baktara gorontalodaftar nama dosen universitas ichsan gorontalo
Daftar kecamatan dan kelurahan di Gorontalonama nama kota di gorontalo
Adat istiadat Gorontalofalsafah adat masyarakat gorontalo
kecamatan di kabupaten gorontalogunung tertinggi di gorontalo
Daftar kabupaten dan kota di Gorontalouniversitas nahdlatul ulama gorontalo
Kabupaten Gorontalo Utarabahasa gorontalo dan terjemahannya
Bahasa GorontaloPilolalenga, Dungaliyo, Gorontalo
universitas negeri gorontalokabupaten di gorontalo
kota di gorontalo

Honey is one of the most durable food ingredients and can last a long time if stored properly. It is so durable that even honey is said to have no expiration date. Is that true? According to Professor of the Department of Animal Husbandry Production and Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Asnath Maria Fuah MS., especially pure honey does not have an expiration date. It's just that if it is stored for too long the quality will decrease, said Asnath

Asnath further explained that the decline in the quality of honey can be seen from three things, namely from color, taste and aroma. Honey that is stored too long will be darker in color. Even in some cases, honey can turn black.

"Amino acids react slowly with sugar to form yellow or brown colored compounds," said Asnath. This reaction is thought to be the cause of the dark color of honey when stored at high temperatures and for a long time. Not only the color, taste and aroma of honey which tends to change from its original taste. In addition, as quoted from The Spruce Eats, honey can also change its texture. Honey will crystallize, in other words tend to be more concentrated and cloudy.

If in such conditions, honey does not necessarily have to be thrown away. You can still use crystallized honey. 

How to use crystallized honey

How to use Crystal Honey To use crystal-shaped honey, simply open the lid of the honey container. Then place the glass container filled with honey in a pot of hot water and wait a few moments. However, if storing honey in a plastic container, you should first transfer it to a glass container. Honey is not recommended to be exposed to temperatures that are too high because it can cause the loss of various important enzymes contained in it.

How to Store Honey It's best to store honey in the right way, so honey can last in good condition as long as possible.

Store honey at room temperature and avoid sunlight. Place the honey in a clean, tightly closed glass or plastic container. Avoid storing honey in metal containers. Do not store honey in the refrigerator because it will make the honey crystallize quickly. Plus, honey doesn't need to be refrigerated because it doesn't have an expiration date.


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